Country Arts SA 25

Belili Valkyrie

Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts / Port Lincoln

Growing up in Port Lincoln and living in the Eyre Peninsula most of her life, Belili loves helping her community grow and thrive. Belili is involved with dance, theatre and visual arts, focusing her time on working with youth and running P/ARTS as subgroup of Passionis Productions.

Belili is currently involved in youth arts in dance, theatre and visual art. Over the last few years she has become a leader and facilitator in these three areas. Belili is also a hip hop dance teacher with MTC dance. She has been a directors assistant, however, is currently in charge of set design in the not for profit theatre group Passionis Productions and also runs their subgroup P/ARTS which focuses on visual arts. Belili is interested in all areas of art and loves working with youth because of their curiosity, vibrancy and the challenges along the way as she believes it keeps her growing and learning.

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