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Gina Raisin

Visual Arts / Mount Gambier

You may say, “what has love got to do with it” – EVERYTHING in the case of Gina Raisin.

Fell in love ……

You may say, “what has love got to do with it” – EVERYTHING in the case of Gina Raisin.

Gina’s eclectic career in the arts has spanned over several decades working for other people as a member of media teams in radio, television and film – NWS9 in production, Archangel Australia for BBC documentaries directed by Gabrielle Kelly, Production Coordinator on Paul Cox’s “Lust and Revenge” and Rolf De Heer’s “Bad Boy Bubby”.

In between she forged a career in community development, and wherever possible wove art into her practice, whether in video based projects for young people or encouraging and mentoring young artists in the community. Gina was also Project Manager for the National Limestone Sculpture Symposium and was instrumental in the creation of the large-scale sculpture “Memories in a Suitcase” in the Cave Garden, Mount Gambier. She also became Mum to Grace and Georgia and was renowned for her fabulous themed birthday parties…no McDonald’s birthday parties for her girls! In 2011 Gina fell in love with long time friend Mick Raisin – a true friendship caught fire! Mick encouraged her to pursue her art once more and he introduced her to acrylic painting. Before she knew it the downstairs guest space was converted into a studio and it was full of canvases. Gina’s desire to experiment and try large scale painting led her to utilise palette knifes combined with delicate brush work which has liberated her style.

In 2014 Gina’s first exhibition BARE at the Riddoch Art Gallery, Mount Gambier was a great success leading to many sales and commissions.

In 2015 Gina worked with Aerosol artist Anthony Hamilton on the Metro Laneway project, her first foray into large scale street art.

In early 2016 Gina curated The AMAZING Adventures of Doctor Mayhem and the Change Barz, AKA artists Matt Sheehy and Anthony Hamilton at the Riddoch Art Gallery.

Gina is currently working on several commissions and preparing a body or work for her planned 2018 MURMURATION exhibition at the Riddoch Art Gallery.

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