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Isaac Doman

Film, Photography / Kangaroo Island

Isaac is an emerging film-maker and keen photographer from Kingscote on Kangaroo Island. He is a member of KI Players and secured a lead role in a performance of “Play On!” in 2018. He worked alongside with Ninti Media on a film set of a video promoting businesses on Kangaroo Island.

Isaac is a 19 year old emerging film-maker and keen photographer from Kingscote on Kangaroo Island. He completed mainstream year 12 in 2017 and was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ years of age, not speaking until the age of 8. In mid-2011, Isaac attended Kingscote Campus where he found that he flourished, becoming aware of his unique artistic and visual talents.

In mid-2017, Isaac volunteered on a production of a documentary called “New Island Home” by Ninti Media, an independent film and photography company, who he also worked with to produce a video to promote businesses on Kangaroo Island. Later in the year, he made a short film for Tropfest, where Isaac story-boarded, wrote, acted, directed and edited the film. In 2018, he secured a leading role in a performance of “Play On!” by KI Players, an amateur theatre group. In addition to being the leading role Isaac made a promotional video of the play to catch audiences attention.

He is currently writing a script about a young person who wishes to improve the world’s problems with clones, but the results prove to be the polar opposite. Isaac is proud of his unique perspectives and determination:

“I have a keen interest in filmmaking, script writing and acting and am inspired by the work of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. I would love to see film-making workshops with local schools on Kangaroo Island.”

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