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Fred Smith- Dust Of Uruzgan

2nd November 2018

Fred Smith is no ordinary singer-songwriter…
and this is no ordinary show…

Dust of Uruzgan is a collection of songs Fred wrote while working as a diplomat alongside Australian soldiers in Uruzgan Province, southern Afghanistan. The show combines songs, humour, and commentary with a stunning set of images from military and civilian photographers.

Fred is a true raconteur; a masterful and entertaining storyteller, who has been compared to great Australian
songwriters, Eric Bogle, John Schumann and Don Walker. His songs are stories put to well-crafted music; telling the real life experiences of some 20,000 Australian soldiers who served in Afghanistan.
Lest we forget – A pre 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Armistace WW1

When: Saturday 3 November at 7pm

Where: Burra Town Hall


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