Country Arts SA 25

The Season

13th August 2018 — 7th September 2018

Families are like seasons: you don’t get to pick them, and when they show up you best be ready.

Somewhere between mainland Australia and its southern-most mate Tassie lies Dog Island. For six weeks every year that’s where you’ll find the Duncans, a mob as funny as they are unforgettable.

They come back to roost for mutton-bird season, and have done for as long as anyone can remember. Amid the threat of snakes and Pop’s explosive temper, the family reunites with a country and culture still very much alive.

But their long memories and smart-arse streak mean it’s not just the birds sticking their beaks where they’re not welcome.

Old secrets are dug from their burrows and fledgling rivalries begin to take flight – it might all fall apart if it wasn’t for the fierce love that holds this bunch together.

Age suitability: 15+

Image by Simon Pynt
A Tasmania Performs production. The Season is supported by the Australian Government through the Major Festivals Initiative and the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body; and the Tasmanian Government through Arts Tasmania.
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Country Arts SA

The Season


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