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Last one out turn off the lights

MOMENT 6 • 1997

It would be an uncommon piece of art that is the result of a completely solo effort—perhaps a few objects pieced together by a hermit. For us to experience art, it takes a vast team of people, with a multitude of talents and skills, no matter the scale of the undertaking.

What does it take to make a solo musician? Countless hours of training alone to be sure, but also teachers, instrument makers, composers, software designers—artists and artisans in their own right, all playing their part. You want people to hear the music? Audio engineers, technicians, venue staff, photographers, marketers, graphic designers. Up the ante? Costume and set designers, directors, producers, mechanists, stage managers, tour coordinators.

Who’s paying? Add funding agencies, donors, collaborators, partners. Sometimes the audience contributes a portion, but not always.

Volunteers?  Thousands of them. Especially in regional Australia. Planning, promoting, feeding, greeting, lugging, supporting.

We‘re only scratching the surface.

Sound and lights?  Oh, you want power.

Here we are in the outback with five stages, five bands, an orchestra, 25 caterers and beverages for 5000 people. OK so you still need power?

We’ve been fortunate to have good friends who help with that.  For 21 years, SA Power Networks have been there to install essential power in the most challenging of sites. Power in a gorge and a forest, on a golf course and a wharf, power to light stages and public walkways, power to fire up the fridges and hotplates. And with their financial support, theatre audiences of over 200,000 have experienced theatre productions of the highest calibre. Our relationship continues to evolve, along with the art we’re now producing.

Everyone plays their part.

Last one out turn off the lights.

Written and researched by Jo Pike for Country Arts SA


The National Stage

1998 represented a new high watermark for the newly established organisation and for regional arts on a national scale. Having begun to broaden our scope to embrace the multiplicity of arts being practiced in regional South Australia, we were instrumental in the resolution to do the same on a national scale.

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